How To Test For A Flat Battery Or Failing Charging System In Your 50cc Scooter

Applies to: Baotian, Sukida, Hoatian, Lifan, JMStar, Jinlun, Kymco, Tank, Quinqzi, PGO, Roketa, Strada QingQi and many more...

50cc chinese clone scooters, motorcycles and mopeds, like those imported from China, run a fairly simple 12v electrical system. It is not difficult to fault find the battery and charging magneto to try and pinpoint any problems.

If you are having problems with starting your import chinese scooter, the battery discharging or electrical fittings not operating then follow these steps to see if the problem lies with the battery or charging system.

Typically the battery will be located in a compartment beneath your feet as you are sitting on the scooter. Access is relatively simple, you will need a few basic tools to gain access and remove the battery. For instructions on gaining access to the battery compartment, see the Changing Your Scooters Battery page.

How to test for charge from the Magneto

The Magneto is a device that is attached to the engine and as the engine on the scooter turns it inturn rotates the magneto producing electricity. If the magneto fails, or becomes disconneted from the battery then your scooter battery will go flat quickly. Test if your battery is receiving charge by following these steps.

  1. Once you have gained access to the battery compartment on your 50cc scooter (leave the battery terminals connected) attach a voltmeter to the battery terminals.
  2. Switch on the engine on your Chinese import scooter so it is idling.
  3. Select a suitable voltage range on your voltmeter and measure the voltage at the battery terminals.
  4. You should expect to see around 13v, or maybe a little more. This would indicate that the battery is receiving charge from the magneto.
  5. If you see less than 13v then there is likely a problem with the magneto or its connection to the battery as the battery is not being properly charged.

Checking That The Battery Is Fully Charged.

If the Magneto appears to be producing a suitable charging voltage to the battery on your 50cc scooter, next it is a good idea to check the actual voltage that the battery is holding. Follow these steps.

  1. Gain access to the battery compartment.
  2. Leave the engine on your scooter switched OFF.
  3. Select a suitable voltage range on your voltmeter and measure the voltage at the battery terminals.
  4. You should expect to see around 12.2v to 13v. This suggests that the battery is holding a good charge.
  5. If you see less than 12v then it is possible that the battery is failing and will need to be replaced.
Location of the battery compartment.
Testing for a suitable battery voltage, Flat battery on your chinese scooter clone


This page should help you to diagnose problems with your chinese import scooter but remember to check for obvious things. Firstly, check that you are not leaving the lights on your 50cc scooter switched on, or the ignition in the on position. Both of these things can lead to a flat battery.